3 Wedding Photography Editing Styles Explained

My brief explanation of three different editing styles, with visuals! Understand a little on photography editing style so you get images exactly as you expected, or even better than your imagination. Check out what I mean by "bright and airy" "true to life" and "dark and moody".

Photography Editing Styles

There are a lot of different ways of looking at photography styles. When it comes to choosing a wedding photographer to cover one of the most important days of your life, you’ll want to reflect a little about photography styles before making your investment in a photographer. There are many ways to describe a style: editing styles, shooting styles. In this blog post I just want to focus on three basic editing styles:

  • “bright and airy”
  • “dark and moody”
  • “natural, & true to life”

Any of these editing styles do not really refer to what is IN the photo nor what is photographed, it is simply the saturation and luminance of different colors. Can you guess which editing style I used for this same image?

True to Life and Natural Style

This is where my heart lies. As much as my eye is attracted to bright and airy, and dark & moody & vintage, my heart believes that I need to stay true to my calling of capturing moments “as the eye sees it” in reality. The other photography editing styles are amazing in that they provide images that look how I would love to dream or imagine it to be. However, I will always just produce images that are normal and natural. I can’t bring myself to go beyond what I’ve tried to capture so true to begin with in the camera.

Trailing Twine Photography LLC is “warm and cozy” and “true to life”. These moments are exactly how they were in real life.

Bright and Airy Photography Style

Bright and airy photos are like living in a dream world, where sun shine glows white, colors are soft and not harsh. This is a style embraced by some fine art photographers and lovers of dreamy luxury such as my friends Rachel Girouard and Shaina Lee! We’re talking about bright warm fuzzies, sparkly and bright. Here are some images that I edited to be bright and airy. A bright and airy style is often cooler, and colors are more desaturated, and green hues are not strong.

Dark and Moody Photography Style

This is an editing style which my portrait & newborn photographer friend Dacia does so well, and Troy of Devolve Imaging also rocks this style to the max! This style really makes me feel…..so many things. I really love this and I wish that I could rock this style out on my Instagram. However, it’s not gonna happen! Although I will always stay true-to-life and natural, this dark and moody and vintage style inspires my love for wearing stylish hats on a cold and wet day on an Oregon beach. Dark and Moody makes me also think of whispers in the dark shadows with a sliver of light trying to push its way through. Vintage looking images belong on soft, deep matte prints and luxurious black leather albums.


I hope this helps in understanding some “looks” of photos. It is so amazing to receive images from your photographer exactly as you expected, or perhaps, even better and beyond your wildest imagination! Images that your heart cannot stop gushing over, and images that give an excitement every time you look at them, and it never gets old!



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  1. What a great post Ling! I love your insight, definitely important things to consider when choosing a photographer. Your natural, warm editing style is beautiful, couples in love with that style can’t go wrong choosing you!

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