We would love to get to know you! We are a team of photographers who love the great outdoors and photographing soulmates for a wedding to remember. We will travel anywhere!

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the Trailing Twine Style

connected & friendly


get to know us

it's all about connections.

We don’t just learn about your wedding plans, but we want to get to know you, too. The best way to photograph you, your friends, family, (and even pets!) is to get to know your personalities a little before photographing your wedding day, through meetings in-person or via video/phone.

Meet Your Team

and we would love to meet you, too!

“A cord of three strands is not easily broken.” – Ecclesiastes 4:12

We’re friends and we also love working as a team together to guide and serve couples who want the full Trailing Twine Photography experience!
We believe in the power of tight-knit relationships, true love, and strong photography & people skills. 

Plus, we’ve got each other’s backs. Your wedding day is so important that you have a trusty family of photographers dedicated to see success.


where it all began...


Trailing Twine Photography started with Ling when she was a dairy farm technician in Oregon. Ling is studio manager, helper of clients, connector of people, and lover of all things farm-y & photography. She’s an entrepreneur at heart. She’s your initial contact person for photography inquiries and loves getting to know you a little bit before sharing your story with the team. Ling’s role:

  • lead editing guru & quality control lady
  • lead/second photographer & videographer
  • owner/manager of the business
  • designer of client albums & wall art
  • Gif Booth attendant

growing the love


Jenna and Ling met in 2016 working for a school portrait company, and instantly bonded over coffee and lots of shoots, weddings, and just being friends. Jenna is really loved by our fun-loving and outgoing & outdoorsy couples! When she’s not lead photographer for a Trailing Twine wedding, Jenna is an assistant photographer and Ling’s “right-hand woman” when it comes to rocking out wedding days. She is a huge support and ambassador for the Trailing Twine Photography approach and style. Her photography obsession & creativity with capturing beauty transcends into her personal portraiture work. Jenna’s role:

  • Lead/second photographer
  • Gif Booth attendant 

outdoor lovers unite!


Jacqueline first met Ling in high school, and then reconnected with with each other a decade later at her dad’s church. Jacqueline’s dad wouldn’t give up telling Ling about how Jacqueline has always had a really good idea for photography! Finally, Ling took on Jacqueline as an assistant, and since 2018 Jacqueline has been learning the master the art of wedding photography. She’s also Ling’s neighbor, close friend, and helps with whatever Trailing Twine Photography needs. Jacqueline is a school nurse, restorer & re-seller of rustic vintage decor, and mom who loves to explore local hiking trails and U-pick fruit farms with her 3 kids and husband (whom she photographs a lot!). Jacqueline’s role:

  • lead/second photographer & assistant
  • Ling’s helper & neighbor
  • backup photographer
  • Gif Booth attendant

documentary filmmaker


Ty and Ling first met at a wedding where Ty was doing video on behalf of a DJ company. Ling loved how Ty was friendly and open to communication and to learn about livestreaming. Ty soon worked with Ling and Tim with livestreaming weddings, and more weddings doing videography with Ling. Ty occasionally assists with some video editing, too.


filming romantic moments


Kevin first met Ling at a farm wedding, shooting on behalf of another company who desperately needed some photo & video shooters last minute. Since then, Kevin has captured some incredible scenes with us. Kevin also works full-time, but loves to capture happy couples enjoying their wedding day, just like everyone else on our team. Kevin has his own videography business but enjoys shooting with the Trailing Twine team and creating footage that he doesn’t have to edit! We all love rustic & farm weddings and happy people.

  • lead/second videographer

photographer, videographer


Branden is Ling’s assistant with videography and photography. He also shares common ground with Ling, being past classmates and alumni of National FFA (formerly known as Future Farmers of America). Years ago, at a Chamber of Commerce networking event at a school, where Branden was a photography teacher, Ling ran into Branden and of course they talked about photography. Branden shared with Ling his passion for photography lighting, studio lighting, dog portraiture, and photography gear. His personal work focuses on human and dog portraiture, capturing their personalities. Branden loves the relaxed & fun nature of weddings and capturing people as a documentary photographer. He loves dabbling with videography and drones. Branden’s role:

  • second/lead photographer
  • second/lead videographer
  • Gif Booth attendant 

helping the team


Ashley is your country-loving, rodeo loving photographer. She immediately connected with Ling through one of the Trailing Twine clients, Jillian & Ryan and at Taylor Brooke Winery. Ashley shares quite a few similar interests as some of us, and when she first photographed with us, it was almost like she has always photographed with us! Ashley loves elopements and helping with whatever other team members need.

  • wedding assistant, photographer
  • backup photographer

bringing out the fun


Matt is the down-to-earth, fun-loving guy that you’d feel so comfortable hanging out with! He is Jenna’s high school sweetheart and husband, so naturally Jenna and Matt do a lot of photography together in life! Matt is also a pro with drawing out that sparkle in your eyes, directing for natural portraits, and also being a great catcher of candids at events. He loves nature, and also has grown his own landscaping business with a lot of happy customers!

  • second photographer
  • backup photographer

photographing true love


Emily is that someone who feels like she could be your sister with that caring, listening ear and awaiting hug. Emily also has a special knack with photographing children, being the mother of some really cute kids! She has been photographing portraits and weddings for years, and immediately jived with Ling when shooting an event together. Emily loves to help the team and provide awesome photography on weekends, so that she can devote her time with her family during the weekdays. 

  • lead/second photographer
  • assistant

catching all the laughs


Jeff and Ling met eachother through a famous photographer educator’s group. When we had learned we were in Connecticut, we had a great phone conversation and hit it off. Jeff also sold Ling some of his film photography gear that helped Ling experiment with film. Jeff has been doing wedding photography for over a decade, and loves some kick-ass candids as well as providing direction on the day! Jeff has another full-time career so photographing documentary-style as a Trailing Twine team photographer is a perfect fit so Ling can do all the editing!

  • lead/assistant photographer
  • backup photographer

invest in a teamwork experience & professionalism

Strength in numbers.

There are plenty of photographers who can photograph a wedding. The reason why we are a team of photographers, instead of just an individual photographer, is because there is strength in numbers. 

When we work together and collaborate, whether it’s sharing ideas, learning from each other, or photographing a wedding together, more is accomplished!

What if your photographer gets sick? Our couples don’t have to worry about finding a replacement lead photographer for the day in case a situation arises, we take care of it.

Photographers: Jacqueline, Jeff, Jenna, Matt, Ashley, Ling, Emily, Branden
Videographers: Kevin, Ty, Ling, Branden

"These photographers quickly became our friends and made us extremely comfortable."
photographed by Jenna & team
"Organized & VERY easy to get a hold of"
wedding at Tyrone Farms
"This is absolutely the best team you could ask for."

When it comes to wedding photography, style is everything!


There are a lot of wedding photographers out there, but our team has a unified, specific style & approach.

We love people.

Being a happy "people person" as a photographer is a top ingredient to success! This means that on the wedding day, we'll interact with each other, and your friends, family, and vendors. We're humble, fun-loving, friendly, but not in your face.

We help the process.

We don't just "show up" on the wedding day. A big part of the Trailing Twine style is the planning process leading up to the wedding. We love to join the ride and come alongside our couples to plan the wedding day timeline that will pertain to what is captured. Ling will also work with you in the timeline planning process.

We document moments.

We will not always photograph you & your soulmate in still, stiff poses. Traditional family formals is important, but directing motion for natural portraits, and capturing a TON of candids throughout the entire day is our jam!

We love perspectives.

A camera perspective through wispy grass, or crouching by tree branches, this is the Trailing Twine "signature" style of portraits. Shooting through foliage, objects, windows, doorways, and nailing the composition to create wall-worthy images.

we've got your back!

Love no matter what.

Love for others and love for what we do drives us for Trailing Twine Photography. Trailing Twine will do whatever it takes to commit to clients’ weddings. In times of uncertainty of worldwide pandemics and just plain LIFE, it’s always better to be prepared and do whatever it takes to tie the knot.

And if you need to reschedule a wedding date due to circumstances out of your control, there’s no need to worry if we’re available for you or not. If one photographer has COVID-19 symptoms, another photographer on our team network will take their place.

With Trailing Twine Photography, there’s a team of photographers we trust who can step in to create amazing images on your wedding day. Our entire team can also access the wedding day timelines and info needed to capture a wedding day story, no matter what happens. 

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