From the Porch: Why Engagement Ring Size Doesn’t Mean Much

Jul 19


Last night, one of my clients said something that made me think twice: the size of your engagement ring doesn’t matter to your marriage.
As a photographer who loves details, this made think how our culture emphasizes the “importance” of all things glamorous, big, and glorious. And expensive. Beautiful things are great, but let’s look at beauty that’s not found in any material, object, or thing.
I love that movie “The Count of Monte Cristo” with actor Jim Caviezel. When Edmond returned from sea, him and his girlfriend decided on an engagement ring made out of a piece of string. He didn’t have money to afford a ring right away, but that ring made out of string was good enough for them. Their commitment to marriage was already there. There is so much freedom in living a life where materials and objects don’t really matter as much.
Let’s look for beauty in moments, thoughts, ideas, and personalities and character traits. Even more, let’s value meaning in marriages, real love in relationships. 


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