Harrington Farm Wedding | Princeton, MA | Sarah & Angel

Sarah and Angel's wedding day at Harrington Farm in Princeton, MA, which ended in sunset portraits in a field and awesome reception inside this rustic venue.

Rustic Wedding at Harrington Farm

Seriously, where does the time go when you’re so much in love, and you’re having the wedding of your dreams. Sarah and Angel’s wedding at Harrington Farm was a day so many friends and family were looking forward to for a long time. High School sweethearts getting married, with best friends (even from childhood) and close family members celebrating in one big rustic venue. Here are some sneak peeks that I took on this day!

Getting Ready at Chocksett Inn in Sterling, MA

The photography started at Chocksett Inn, where Sarah and the girls were all getting ready. They have some really huge rooms that are perfect for girls to get hair and makeup done!  It’s about 25 minutes from Harrington Farm, where Sarah and Angel’s ceremony and reception was. Outside of the inn at the edge of the parking lot is a stone wall where I photographed some bridal details.

We all loved Sarah’s shoes! Before we headed outside with the shoes, Sarah’s mom told me that those actually were HER wedding shoes! And then she said she climbed the Lake Tahoe area in those wedding shoes. So great how Sarah’s dad recognized them! I love details like this, and it sounds like Sarah’s parents are also outdoor lovers, if they got married at Lake Tahoe?!?! Take me there.

Friends are the Best

I first met Sarah and Angel at Dayna and Matthew’s Barn at Wight Farm Wedding. These four are close friends, and spent so much time together throughout high school and beyond. From a photography standpoint, this is also amazing because capturing interactions among long time friends at a wedding is priceless! And we all comment on how huge Angel’s smiles always are. Angel is always laughing, smiling, but I caught him in this brief quiet, reflective moment before the ceremony, while his best friend and best man Matthew is confidently helping with this tie. Most of the guys’ getting ready photos are full of laughter, goofiness that I’m always looking for, but I just love this photo of these best friends.

Here’s Dayna and Matthew, who got married last year! An awesome “don’t mess with us” stance. Thank you again Dayna and Matthew for sharing the love of Trailing Twine Photography!

Ceremony at Harrington Farm

These are my top favorite photos from their ceremony on the stone patio garden area. I love candids such as this quick shot below of Sarah with her dad walking towards everyone.

And then we all witnessed a really incredible vow that Angel made to Sarah, that seriously brought so many tears to many. I told Angel later that I was jealous that I wish my husband said vows like that on our wedding HAHA. But seriously Angel had a really strong, powerful, heart-hitting vow that blew my mind, my assistant and I (and we are total romantics) were totally in tears and in like a shock from all that. I’m so happy that Mike from Neilan Videos captured their vows (as well as the rest of their wedding day) for Sarah and Angel to watch and remember.

Dancing at the Reception at Harrington Farm

So much fun dancing, including Sarah and Angel’s first dance that ended in a dip that got everyone cheering! So glad I was in this spot, and shot this from a distance. Several different people commented that they didn’t know where I went for their first dance, and that’s because I love shooting across a room towards the dance floor, if I can!

Here are some other shots taken close to the dance floor towards the end of the night. Love this crazy wide angle lens and some off camera flash for beautiful angles of light!

Sunset Portraits in the Meadow by Harrington Farm

When I scoped out the venue a couple days before the wedding, the events manager had said we can totally go across the road to the hay field. I had said to him that I hope it won’t be cut for the wedding, but indeed the farmer did end up mowing his field right before Sarah and Angel’s wedding! However, thankfully it wasn’t a super clean cut in this field, so we still had the tufts of grass sticking up which I love in photos more than the cleancut lawn look. The sun goes down beyond this hill and so this is perfect. The sunset was gorgeous, and the venue coordinator had said it was the first sunny weekend in a long time. Here’s a photo taken of Sarah and Angel’s bridal party, in the late afternoon:

wedding party photo at Harrington Farm hay field

What you don’t see very obviously in this photo are a million dragonflies flying around. It would have been awesome to get creative with all these dragonflies for bride and groom portraits, but it was REALLY HOT, and we wanted to keep with the short few minutes out here. Towards the end of the evening, Sarah and Angel stepped outside of the air-conditioned hall and we had a few moments taking in the beauty of sunset glows and true love.

bride and groom portrait sunset in hay field at Harrington Farm

Thanks to…

  • Dayna and Matthew for being awesome friends to Sarah and Angel, and providing the opportunity to photograph this wedding!
  • Jenna, my photographer assistant for having fun taking extra photos & behind-the-scenes shots, and giving me an extra hand
  • Mike from Neilan Videos for working with us and being a great, unobtrusive videographer
  • the staff at Harrington Farms, and venue coordinator Jess Stone for being on top of everything and making this place amazing
  • Greg Bedard the DJ for a great party and awesome music!
  • Jeff French for creating gorgeous sunflower bouquets and boutineers
  • Krystal Hopkins for hair design & Christy Lavallee of Makeup-Artistry for bringing out more gorgeous in the girls! Such a great job
  • The awesome carrot cake that I wish I would have tried! from Bean Counter Bakery  
  • Pastor Richard Olson for guiding everyone through a simple, Christian ceremony

And last but not least, Sarah and Angel for being one of MANY awesome Trailing Twine clients, showing off true love. The thing that I love the most, regardless of how the wedding day goes, is the commitment between two soulmates to start a married life together. Best wishes on your journey together in marriage and lifetime of love.




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