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Trailing Twine Photography performs professional, multi-camera livestream videos to connect your would-be guests to experience your special event!

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Connect over distance.

Guests or no guests, when you're planning a wedding, conference, or special event that cannot be rescheduled even if something happens, you can still live-stream. Just because they can't be there doesn't mean your event can't happen.

Hosting an event online also doesn't mean you need to resort to awkward video meetings on a phone. The last thing to stress about is troubleshooting technology last minute for a livestream. We know that anything can go wrong with technology, so let Trailing Twine Photography worry about all the technical details instead. 

Life is full of the unexpected


Private, real-time hd streaming

Live-streaming weddings & Events

Real time videography

You'll get a password-protected web page that's something like "" which you can share to all of your guests in an email, Invitation, or wedding website. Your video is streamed in real-time, in high-definition (either 720p or 1080p) onto an unlisted, private VIMEO video that your guests can find and access before the event. Guests can comment, too!

Let us figure it all out.

No more scrambling around before your event to try to troubleshoot technical difficulties at the last minute. We worked enough events doing video and live-streaming to know that technology isn't perfect, especially when it comes to live-streaming. The #1 problem with live-streaming is the internet and/or data connection. So after the initial venue visit, we have a Plan A, B, C, and D for live-streaming.

Professional A/V Gear

Although we love iPhones, experience with filming events on video just looks way better! So why not make professional videography live? Allow your virtual guests to experience your event as if they were almost there. Live-streaming with multiple angles and perspectives makes it so much nicer than your uncle trying to Facetime with his cell phone!

What's Included?

Nothing's beats being present at an event. But if they can't physically be there, today's technology allows your favorite people to still experience your event. No matter which live-streaming option you choose, here is what's included.

all that we do


event day setup 1- 2 hrs prior to livestreaming starts (indoors or outdoors)

venue visit within 2 weeks before the event to plan the setup, livestream test

livestream timeline planning

password-protected web page w/ unlisted private Vimeo video link, to share with your guests

custom designed welcome graphic for your livestream

travel (anywhere in New England) for the venue visit as well as the event day

edited video recording onto an external hard drive that you'll get the same day as your event

additional video lighting for your event, if needed

livestream and video camera monitoring on 2 or more cameras

WEDDING Live-streaming options

create your package!

CULTURAL WEDDING CEREMONY (3-camera setup, 3 team members, multi-audio)
$1200 for first hour of streaming, $600 per extra half hour increment





(with free optional bride/groom speech to your online audience)


(zoom guests on tv display, sanitized microphone spot)



(intros, speeches, formal dances after dinner)

(intros, speeches, formal dances before dinner)

a 50% deposit is due to reserve the livestream date with us, and the remaining 50% is due 7 days prior to your event.

11 tips for live-streaming a virtual wedding

free downloadable Pdf guide

Get the free PDF guide, chockfull of helpful tips if you're planning on livestreaming your special event!



capturing life's best moments

We've always loved creating videos to capture life's best moments. Occasionally at weddings, we'll see a guest video chat or Facetime with a loved one who can't be there. So live-streaming with professional gear has always been a good idea! But when social gathering restrictions in 2020 started affecting our clients, offering live-streaming technology was a no-brainer! 

Each live-streamed wedding or event will be handled by either Ling, Tim, or Ty, and another team member if needed. We would love to bring joy, fun, laughter, and happy tears to your virtual guests, no matter how many are watching!

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Q:  Do you livestream events outdoors?
Yes, our setup can be in any location, as long as our Wifi router there is decent cellular data service, wifi or ethernet available. You could even be on a mountaintop as long as there's cell phone data! If it's a hot summer day, we try to keep the equipment cool!

Q:  What do you do if there's a chance of rain?
Chance of rain? The Dark Sky app is helpful for providing accurate minute-by-minute weather forecasts to help us make the right decisions for a weather-friendly setup. We have "rain jackets" for our weather-resistant cameras, and can set up a clear rain cover over our small live-streaming table if there's a surprise rain shower. Guests don't want to get wet so if you have an indoor or covered "rain option" for your ceremony, please allow a spot for the live-streaming table.

Q: Do you need power?
We can bring our own power source, via a small, quiet portable generator. In venues where electricity is readily available and easy to access, we'll use that. For full day live-streams, having constant power through a venue outlet is awesome.

Q: What happens if there is an internet issue that affects the livestream?
This is why we visit the venues prior to the event to test the livestream and explore different options for best available internet. If there is an unexpected internet issue that affects our stream, we will know right away from the streaming status notifications. Sometimes, we have to reduce the resolution of the video streaming. However, we're not able to help guests with their own internet issues, such as buffering. The worst we've ever experienced was a wedding that happened after a storm, where the location still did not have power nor internet, in a location that only had one bar of cell service. In this case we provided a ceremony recording on our video cameras because there was no ethernet, no wifi, no cell service. While your livestream is going, the same video is being recorded simultaneously onto your disk that we'll give you at the end of the event.

Q: What if the team assigned to our livestream gets COVID, or is really sick? 
This is a legit question! If Ling, Ty, or our video assistant cannot come due to illness or other unexpected reasons, we have a list of subcontractor livestreaming videographers who we trust to livestream the event on behalf of Trailing Twine Photography LLC. Your contract also states that if for some rare reason we absolutely cannot service your event (which has never happened, God forbid!) then you'll receive a refund. If you require us to get a COVID test to work your event, then please inform us.

"The video itself is stunning! Every angle we could have hoped for, every word and sound of our ceremony"
- A & R