Rare & Stunning Wedding Venue near Hartford, CT | The Hill-Stead Museum

The Hill-Stead Museum is one of those dreamy, countryside properties that you can visit, go on walks with your dog, or attend events. It is a farm, historical venue, art museum, and garden wedding venue all in one.
This gorgeous mansion at the The Hill-Stead Museum property was the home of the first female architect in the United States, Theodate Pope Riddle. Today her legacy is still celebrated, with the museum holding frequent tours to travelers from afar, to learn about the history behind this building!
One of our favorite spots to photograph wedding portraits is the large front porch of the Hill-Stead Museum. It is typically shady even in the afternoon and is a great spot for a groom to wait for his bride! When our team finds a first look spot, it is all about the location of the light and the angle that we’re shooting.
Yes, it’s super bright out but when you have a lot of shade, you don’t get shadows under the eyes! In the right moment, you get the sunshine making this beautiful bride glow!
Rocking away. Some people just love the Hill-Stead Museum because of the relaxing atmosphere it provides, which of course includes these rocking chairs. Whether you’re going on an afternoon walk, or just relaxing with a glass of wine at a wedding there, there a bunch of rocking chairs around the porches where folks like to sit and enjoy the views.
One of the most treasured aspects of the Hill-Stead Museum is its wide pastoral landscape. It’s great that there are paths mowed through the field so that people, even a bride and groom, can enjoy a sunset stroll.



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