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Sep 30

Nicole & Miguel’s Wedding at Spencer Country Inn, MA

Life and true love is amazing, and Nicole and Miguel’s weaved together for this wedding day and marriage proves it. Close friends and family members, you know their special story, and here are my favorite photos I took of their day that is the “exclamation point” of their lives together!

As Miguel combs his hair before seeing Nicole all dolled up, he tells me the “few minutes version” again of how their lives became intertwined. They knew eachother for what seems like decades, and Miguel has been there for her…and I imagine him to be like the knight in shining armor by the princess’ side!

Errr, scratch the knight and princess, how about cowgirl and cowboy? Nicole and Miguel are die hard lovers of country music, lovers of their ginormous blessed backyard, and nighttime trips with friends to see concerts of [ fill-in-the-blank any country music artist ] !

Love these images from their engagement session at their home! Hey, are these photos on PINTEREST yet??!!??!!!

Check out this engagement ring shot with some of Nicole’s wedding day essential accessories! She also had a specific wedding day tupperware box that had other things to help get ready for the big day at the bridal room at Spencer Country Inn.

First Look at Spencer Country Inn!

This bride and groom chose to do a “First Look” where the groom sees his bride for the first time that day in a more private setting. It’s a sweet moment before jumping in with people, bridesmaids and groomsmen, and gives you more variety of portraits. If you want to spend more time with guests during cocktail hour, or if your wedding party is large, or if you want to have less of a time crunch for formal portraits, then doing a “first look” is a really smart idea! After we did this first look and portraits for 5-10 minutes, we met up with the wedding party to do some fun pictures.

This shot, I am PRETTY darn sure that I would not have been able to get this shot during their actual ceremony. Distraction free, and nobody is watching………..

All that is sparkly, glittery, and glamorous.

I love these moments captured for a wood or metal display, because you can look back on this moment where all is well, and reflect on how deep your love for eachother grows. Nicole and Miguel, this is my top favorite photo of just you two 🙂  No Photoshop, by the way.

Wedding Party Pictures Before Ya Party-Hardy at the Reception.

Alright, now onto some more serious stuff…Ceremony!

Nicole and Miguel couldn’t have picked a better place to get married. The gazebo is surrounded by some trees that look like apple trees……but anyways that gazebo is a prime place to cite your vows in the shade, if you’re getting married in the summer. I love how tree branches can frame subjects in a photo.

There are seriously TOO MANY great images that I just want to SHARE THEM ALL!!! So excited for Nicole and Miguel to re-live their day as they will scroll through the images on their online gallery soon! I just received their wooden USB drive and it looks SO COOL. <heart melt>

Dunno about you, but I don’t think I could get ever get tired looking at Nicole and Miguel’s wedding photos. A smile, a laugh (or tears, like me), just keeps me in check with the purpose of “photojournalistic” wedding photography. Kleenex, anyone?

Well, I just finished my lemonade and it’s time for me to hit the hay. Life has been busy, full, but good. This weekend I will be working two weddings as a second/assistant photographer, so that will be nice to get a break from having to cull and review new images. Nicole and Miguel, I am still so excited for you, and looking forward to see what you think of all the other creative photos we did! LOL. 😉 😉

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  1. Kayla says:

    Amazing!! You did such a great job capturing the love these two have for one another. Beautiful pictures of an unforgettable night celebrating one of my favorite couples!!

    • Ling - Photographer says:

      Thank you so incredibly much for the comment, Kayla! I love it when people actually write in a comment, it means so much!

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