The Struggle is Real, folks.

Do you ever worry that you’re not good enough. Or, do you ever think that your work efforts are not good enough for others.

     Does this fear drive your decision-making, in a healthy way, or unhealthy way? As a professional photographer, this struggle is real. Lately, I’ve been reflecting on this wedding season. Every wedding has been a huge success. Success means that I’ve delivered what my clients expected and beyond that.
     But, my struggle is that I myself believe that some images I create are not good enough for clients. But this is false. The reason why I think this is because those images are not good enough for me! I’ve learned that most or all of the time, it’s a bigger deal for me than it is for clients. I worry if I only get a few shots of a really short dance song. Or, I kick myself if there’s one mistake I make in my lighting. It’s an awful feeling. If I posted this on Facebook, I know there would be a flood of positive comments, but I don’t need anyone’s encouragement about they love my photography. All I needed here was to just speak.
     The only way to get beyond this is to just keep on pressing forward, and investing in education, and practicing with shooting. Never ceasing. Do not let your own beliefs and your own fears prevent you from reaching towards goodness. At the same time, you have to sometimes stop thinking that your standards are the same as others. Because otherwise you’re just living through your day believing that your clients think the same thing, when they’re actually not.


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