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Mar 1

Winter. So not an exciting time at all for weddings. But, this winter I had the pleasure of discovering the beauty of Allen Hill Farm, a wedding venue of 350 acres, located on the hilltops of rural Brooklyn, Connecticut. It has the most spectacular wide-angle view for sunrise and sunset (towards the road). I can’t wait to see how amazing this venue will look in the spring or summer, when everything is green and blooming! If you’re interested in checking out this venue, visit or email Aimee at The address to the actual barn is 502 Allen Hill Road, Brooklyn, CT.

When you drive in, there is a quaint farmhouse on the left of the driveway, a large parking lot, rows of apple trees (which will look AMAZING when bloomed!) and Christmas trees. Straight ahead is the main barn where the party’s at!

The farm is owned by Charles Langevin and family. Charles’ niece, Aimee, is the expert to talk to on booking your wedding at Allen Hill Farm! So thankful to have had the opportunity to meet with Charles and Aimee. Aimee is 100% present during the whole time for all weddings, to make sure brides and grooms have the smoothest most amazing wedding day ever!

This wedding venue is a Christmas tree farm with history. It was purchased in 1891 by Charles’ great grandfather, and the hill was pasture for cows. Now, since 1980, they’ve been growing Christmas trees. So how did Allen Hill become a wedding venue?

Since a family friend’s wedding in 2008 happened, Allen Hill Tree Farm received more requests to hold country weddings. As they the family received more inquiries on weddings, the family moved forward to make this a great place for special events. Eventually, a back porch was built to serve as a great spot for cocktail hour, and lavatories built in to be a commercial wedding venue. There is also a new kitchen for caterers, that works out well! Allen Hill doesn’t have their own in-house catering, but Aimee has connections with some great caterers to serve at your wedding.

Here is a sneak peek from behind the bar. Bartender P.O.V.

What does Allen Hill Tree Farm offer in the wedding venue package? Couples can have access to grounds all day to set-up, starting 8AM on the day of the wedding. You can get whichever hours you wish, as long as the party is done by 10PM. There is a fire pit available, weather permitting, at an additional charge. The barn holds 150 chairs with the tables, and there are an extra 100 chairs for the ceremony.

There is a Big Rock in the large yard outside of the barn, which is the perfect place for having an outdoor ceremony. Here’s a sneak view of the ceremony area from the barn’s cupola. The “Big Rock” serves as the natural altar to exchange your vows. If you want a great variety of portraits at your wedding, Allen Hill Farm affords a lot of opportunity for that due to large premises. Prepare to do some walking…you’re on a farm!

I asked Aimee and Charles what was the most memorable wedding. Every wedding has something memorable about it, but a few years ago there was a wedding of some neat details! The bride and groom had used a mix of china plates and antique chairs, all collected from many yard sales over the year before the wedding. There was a large sign, a menu written in chalkboard paint. Each guest placecard had an antique-ish skeleton key, and each guest had a picture of themselves at the place setting. It was neat because it was an eclectic, rustic wedding, and the bride and groom had spent time in creating these details to bless their guests! Aimee found the images for this wedding by Adam & Amy Photography, you can view the pics here. 

A view from the loft. guests can also be seated above here, as well as below near the dance floor. The DJ also can set up upstairs on the opposite side.  A view from the loft. guests can also be seated above here, as well as below near the dance floor. The DJ also can set up upstairs on the opposite side.

From my visit at Allen Hill is a rustic wedding venue that can allow you to be as creative as you want, or stay simple with minimal decorations that would still be a wedding of rustic charm. There are plenty of wine barrels available to utilize for cocktail hour. Check out Deer Pearl Flowers website for how wine barrels have been used for weddings!

Like I said. I cannot wait until summer comes around to enjoy the warm sun, fresh breezes. Even better to enjoy life on a wedding day at Allen Hill Farm! It’ll be exciting to finally open up the barn for the first wedding of the season!

Make sure you check out Allen Hill Farm’s Facebook page here for more photos and updates!

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