A Classic-Style Wedding Album that Every Bride Needs!

Jan 30

Digital images don’t last forever, and your wedding photos were meant to be printed into an album to be shared for decades. This is not your thin, soon-to-be wrinkly-page picture book that you can order with a coupon from some snipfish website. Nooo, siree!

This is a top-notch, simple, clean album. But heavy-duty, and weighs approximately 5 pounds. The pages are thick and stiff.

This leather wedding album is square, 10″ x 10″. I love this size, to me the size is just right!

In this album, there are a total of 25 spreads, of 50 sides. Each album is meant to be 20 spreads (40 sides), but if you approve your layouts soon enough, you’ll get the 5 extra spreads for free!

The chocolate-espresso cover is made out of 100% real Italian leather, soft and smooth.

You can have your first names and the date on the cover, or whatever text you wish! The text is engraved into the leather, not printed.

Photojournalism of your wedding is meant to be laid out in clean, beautiful layouts in an album, to last for decades. After you receive your online wedding gallery, go ahead and start selecting your favorite images on that gallery. I’ll be referring to those images when I design the page layouts.

I LOVE designing albums! It’s work, but it’s neat to make images flow together in a book. I design pages through a program for professional photographers, called Fundy Designer. I love this software, because it has the correct page dimensions for different album types, sizes, and companies. The options in image layouts are great, and still allows me to have flexibility to design what I want.

Once I finish with the first draft, I email you the link of proofs of the page layouts. There, you can approve the page, or insert your suggestions to swap a photo, take it out, or whatever it may be!

There are other types of albums or books that are called “press printed”, which means that colors are printed onto the page in groups of dots, like in a magazine. But this leather album is true, photographic printing on the finest Fuji Crystal Archival papers. Archival paper means that the paper will not yellow, fade, or deteriorate over time in storage, and the colors will be long-lasting.

This album is “lay-flat”. When you open up each page, the spread lays beautifully flat, so you don’t lose any of the image or color in an unsightly fold. Each spread has a perfect “micro-fold” that preserves the full impact of a wide photo.

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