bride and bridesmaids with cowboy boots and plum purple dresses

CT Farm Wedding Venue | Candlelight Farms Inn

Purely Rustic Wedding Photos

When Julie and Beau first reached out to me about wedding photography, I could sense that this was a couple that loved country living, country songs, and everything else that speaks “country”. Julie found me on the Rustic Wedding Chic website and saw some images I took from the second wedding I ever shot, which was a relaxed, country wedding with cowboy boots galore at a hops farm. I love the boots that Julie and her girls wore. It sure made it easy to do photos outdoors on wet ground, no spikey heels to worry about!

bride and bridesmaids with cowboy boots and plum purple dresses

wedding party photo at Candlelight Farms Inn

Julie and Beau fell in love with this farm wedding venue, Candlelight Farms Inn, located in New Milford, CT. It is one of the largest rural properties for weddings that I’ve photographed at. Who doesn’t love the huge expanse of fields, and serene woodland, and barns? Julie and Beau had their early October ceremony under a huge tree, and their reception was at the hangar, which is one of a few different places where a reception can be held.

wide angle photo of first dance at Candlelight Farms Inn, outside of the hangar

first dance on the cement pad outside of the hangar at Candlelight Farms Inn

quiet moment of the first dance at Candlelight Farms Inn

One of the important parts of their wedding day was some time to spend with the horses at the farm. The bride Julie is a pure country girl and horse girl, so the staff at the horse barns at Candlelight Farms Inn trusted Julie to lead this gorgeous brown horse for some portraits for a short time following their ceremony. We met up with a couple ladies who came over with horse down near the pond. There’s a cool lightly-wooded area near the pond, which was a perfect setting for beautiful photos and memories.

bride and groom kissing by a brown horse at Candlelight Farms inn

I love this quick bridal portrait that I took while Beau walked over to grab their burlap “Just Married” sign. My favorite moments at weddings are quick, fast, unposed moments.

bridal portrait at Candlelight Farms Inn with a horse

Speaking about quick, unposed moments, here is a shot I ended up taking with the horse’s tongue sticking out while Julie and Beau were kissing. I got a chuckle while coming across this image during the image culling process.

bride and groom kissing in the forest at Candlelight Farms inn, with the horse

bride and groom portrait at Candlelight Farms Inn in New Milford, CT

I love this shot above, because it’s similar to a few moments during their engagement session with me. It’s nice to have a vision of what couples’ portraits will kind of look like. We fell in love with this “pose”, as it conveys a quiet, peaceful moment.

A Connecticut wedding with country line dancing!

It’s not quite often that wedding guests here in Connecticut will get into country line dancing at a wedding. It should be done more often! Having lived out in Idaho and Oregon, I’ve tasted the fun of country line dancing, and more weddings should have this! After Julie and Beau’s first dance, they took out their wedding sunglasses and the wedding party joined them in line dancing and it was awesome. Normally, dancing is done inside the hangar on the dance floor, but Julie and Beau planned for the party to happen on the pavement outside of the hangar. Such a cool atmosphere, to dance under the night sky!

wedding party breaks into line dancing at a country wedding at Candlelight Farms inn

wedding party country line dancing at Candlelight Farms Inn

country bride dancing outside of the hangar at Candlelight Farms Inn

See that bright thing in the distance? That’s my Gif Booth. It’s a smart, alternative “photo” booth where it basically creates crazy gifs of people using it. It sends it to your cell phone (if there’s good cell service). It is definitely hilarious to use, and to watch those who are using it, LOL.

Julie and Beau had a custom branding iron made with their initials. We got some great photos of the branding iron earlier on in the day, but by far my favorite is the moment at the end of the night when they used it to brand the wood slab where guests signed on as the “guest book”. The branding iron was heated from the campfire.

wooden wedding guests' signature book bride and groom branding their wooden piece

Some of you might be wondering how I could even get any good images from a reception that is pretty dark. Most people who have cameras try to take pictures in a setting like this, and the image is completely black, or they might use the pop-up flash. My technique is to change my camera settings a bit, and trigger some flashes set at the corners, to pop as I take a photo. The photo above where they’re branding the wood was such a fast shot, so you can see where I have one of my flashes. Nevertheless I think this is a cool photo, how about you?

If you were a guest at Beau and Julie’s wedding, share/comment below with your well wishes and what you loved about their wedding!


Venue: Candlelight Farms Inn, New Milford, CT

Photography: Trailing Twine Photography LLC

DJ: MJ Photography & Entertainment 

Gif Booth Photo Booth: Gif Booth (a subsidiary of Trailing Twine Photography)

Florist: Stop ‘n Shop of New Milford, CT

Hair Artist: Ali Wroniak of Shimmer A Salon

Makeup Artist: Lauren Page, L.A. Page Makeup

Caterer: Event Caterers of Danbury

Cake/Cupcake artist: The Sweet Spot of New Milford

Officiant: Joe N. (relative)

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