Ashford, CT Engagement Session | Marilyn & Mike

May 29

Summery, fun, and blissful is what I describe this engagement shoot from one spectacular evening. On May 10, 2015, I met up with a super sweet couple, Mike and Marilyn, for their engagement session at a private rural location in good ole’ Ashford, Connecticut. Mike and Marilyn live in New York City, so having their photos in a rustic and natural setting at their wedding spot was a blessing. It’s also a great idea to do an engagement session at the location of your wedding, if possible. It helps the photographer get a really good idea of what aspects of the wedding location are meaningful and liked by the couple. Super stoked to be chosen as Marilyn and Mike’s wedding photographer! It’s going to be a beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime day.

I know it’s going to be beautiful, because of this couple’s hearts. Marilyn has a sweet spirit all around her, with a caring and humble heart. Mike is easy-going, friendly, and has a huge heart–especially for Marilyn. Every couple is unique, and it was very awesome to see how their connection unfolded in front of the camera. I can’t wait for the wedding day and see how their images will come out!

Believe it or not, Marilyn and Mike actually got engaged this winter in OREGON! That’s almost like home for me. I lived there for the past 6 years and loved it…so much that actually I got married in Oregon! In February, Mike and Marilyn decided to take a trip out to visit scenic Oregon, and Mike proposed to Marilyn at a Sherwood vineyard/winery. How amazing is that! It tugged my heart strings when Marilyn first mentioned this when she first contacted me.

Why have an engagement session? If you love life just like me, you’ll understand that remembering certain times of our life is important. When I look at my own engagement photos, I think back to when Neil and I were just trying to survive our long distance relationship. Looking through photos, makes me feel thankful for the time we were dating, and going through the pre-marital counseling together.

As a lead wedding photographer, it is tremendously beneficial and helpful if I photograph the engaged couple at some point before the wedding day. You are making an investment in me to provide the best photographs as possible for you, family, and friends to remember and celebrate your life and love. I really want to set aside part of my life to photograph, edit, and bless you with spectacular images. If you’re making such an investment, you and your fiance can have a chance to be familiar with being photographed for the first time.

An engagement session is also a time where you guys are only allowed to share love! One gentleman thought of it as “therapy”. We go through life in a hurry sometimes, and a photography shoot is one awesome way to just Pause. Pause, reflect, slow down and chillax a little!

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