How to Tell Guests You’re Having an Unplugged Wedding

If you’re like me, you love great wedding candids with genuine facial expressions of guests. We love everyone’s expressions, and hands where people are engaged in the fun, instead of worrying about trying to take a good photo! It’s so refreshing to have an entire wedding day documented where guests are truly, fully present, without looking so hypnotized by their mobile devices!

You can request guests to take a break from their cameras, cell phones, iPads, and other mobile devices for your wedding. It also helps ensure there won’t be cameras protruding in photos of special moments of the ceremony and reception.

Guests just want to remember the moment!

Many guests worry that they will leave the wedding with no photos to share memories. The reason why so many wedding guests take pictures, is because they want a memory of your wedding too. A lot of times, guests want to take pictures to have some memory of this amazing wedding day, so this is why we offer guest gallery cards at every wedding, which allows guests to access an online gallery.

With Trailing Twine Photography, you can ensure your guests that they will have access to an online guest gallery. Trailing Twine Photography provides 100 mini-cards to share at your wedding, with the gallery link ( and your gallery password on it. The images will go live on the gallery within 48 hours following our Image Reveal meeting.

As with all of our online galleries, images can be downloaded for sharing on the web, watermark-free! These free images are formatted for web use, and should not be printed. Guests can purchase their own hi-res files and prints from the online gallery. 

How to Communicate “Unplugged”


Make sure to let your wedding guests know you’re having an unplugged wedding… multiple times. This is so important! We have a complimentary Unplugged Wedding sign as an option for guests, so please let us know in advance to bring it!

Invitations, Wedding Website

Some other things you can do to communicate an unplugged wedding is to include some wording on your Save the Date cards, wedding invitations, Facebook event or wedding website. If you are using a wedding website or Facebook page to remind guests that you’re going unplugged, you can include this wording or gallery link in case they forget about the memo in the invitation!

Announcement at the Ceremony

Sometimes the officiant will make an announcement too. You can contact Ling for the gallery password, if you want to include this on your invitations or wedding website in advance!

Sample Wording to use:

Here are some wording examples to use in your invitation or wedding website:

  • We would love if you could be fully present with us and rest your mobile devices and cameras. 
  • We’re having an “unplugged” ceremony & reception, kindly rest your mobile devices and cameras! 
  • We’re going “unplugged”! Please give your mobile devices and cameras a rest during our ceremony and reception. You’ll get free images to share from our photographer! 
  • Please be truly present and in the moment with us by resting your mobile devices and cameras. 
  • We want you to be able to relax and have fun with us today! This in mind, we invite you to be present in the moment with us by leaving the photography up to the photographer. Take a break from your mobile devices and cameras! You’ll receive a link to view and share our wedding photos to your heart’s delight! 
  • We’re going unplugged! Please rest your mobile devices and cameras on our wedding. We’re happy to share professional photos at Password: XXXXXX
  • We invite you to be fully present at our unplugged wedding…meaning no distraction of mobile devices or cameras. Our professional photographer will have free photos to share at Password: XXXXX
  • P.S.  Our ceremony and reception will be mobile device- and camera-free!

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