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Such an honor to have flown out to IDAHO to photograph Liz & Brett, documenting one of the most important days of their lives. I’m going to try my hand at creative writing for this one to describe my experience! Liz and Brett are outdoor lovers and share their Wilder adventures here. 

The Nature of this Idaho Wedding

If there was such a thing as “a down-to-earth wedding”, it would have been Liz and Brett’s wedding in Nampa, Idaho. I think I have photographed at least a hundred weddings by now, and we typically describe weddings as “farm” or “barn” or “winery” or “garden” or “ballroom” or “golf course” etc. etc. Sure, Liz and Brett’s wedding classifies as a farm or ranch wedding, since it was located on Brett’s family’s ranch, in the middle of a big field. But theirs was truly a down-to-earth wedding.
Maybe it was because there was so much common ground between Liz, Brett, wedding guests, and I. We all went to the same college, and Liz was part of the sorority chapter that I had started with only a handful of girls. This was a wedding where I felt like I was just an old friend (with fancy cameras). Maybe it was because of how Brett’s dad, a sheep rancher, greeted me, or how everyone else was so friendly. Life isn’t fast-paced in Idaho, maybe it’s because Massholes don’t exist over here. (For those of you from Idaho, Massholes are horrible drivers from Massachusetts)

A True Farm Wedding

Liz and Brett’s wedding was down-to-earth because of who they are, and where they come from. Where being in the FFA is popular, college farms girls strut Sigma Alpha Sorority, and cowboys belong to Alpha Gamma Rho (or, err, Farmhouse)! Wedding guests talk about farm-related things, like silage density and moisture, or your latest updates on your beef or sheep operation. This is the kind of wedding where farming is the livelihood of so many, don’t be surprised to hear the cattle ranchers tease the sheep farmers (because in Idaho we all know they hate each other). I also thought I overheard someone talk about their livestock reproduction research, too (at least I hope it was so, haha!).
This shot above, taken by my assistant, is a group of Sigma Alpha Agricultural Sorority sisters, which included me! So cool to be a part of this wedding and to have this common ground with so many girls. I founded the chapter here with a couple other gals at University of Idaho, and it was so amazing to see the fruits of our labor by seeing SO many members!

D.I.Y. Rustic Wedding

And then it was so amazing to see Sigma Alpha and AGR folks throw these cupcakes onto this display as fast as they could in less than 5 minutes during the reception!
Here’s one of my favorites of decor. Wood creates with displays of photos.
I’ll call it down-to-earth, because of the laughter and smiles of the girls getting ready. Smiles on a bridesmaid’s face as she was literally getting sewn into her dress the morning of the wedding. And no stress about any imperfection in a dress, it’s good as it is. For Lizbeth, true beauty is in who she is.
These flowers were made by Bret Kindall, who won some national competitions in floral design, and are friends with Lizbeth and Brett. Bret had gone to a workshop somewhere where he learned some newer techniques, and so with Lizbeth’s bouquet, he used chicken wire to add some structure and thickness to the bouquet, and you couldn’t really tell it was there. The bouquets were massive!
Love this photo of Brett and Liz doing their familiar dip!
One neat thing about being in Idaho, is because the elevation is so high, the sunset is really, really late like 9pm! By the time we did the sparkler exit, it was still kind of light out.
Happy Marriage and well wishes to Lizbeth and Brett, outdoor explorers & soulmates! Loved your wedding and seeing all your creativity in doing this DIY wedding <3 Hope to see you guys again soon!

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