Winter Juniper Barn Wedding

Mar 30

Have you ever been to the towns of BEND or SISTERS, Oregon? This is the high desert country of pine and cedar hills with wide open grassy plains with horses. Fresh clean blue river waters flow with secret waterfalls among snow-capped mountains in the distance. I had the PLEASURE of shooting this winter wedding at a barn!

This is SNOW COUNTRY! At least it normally is. Sheri and Aaron really wanted a pretty snowy wedding but this year it’s been a mild winter compared to my home in New England! We found some snowy spots that made for some sweet snowy shots. I admire you Sheri and Aaron for being so stoked about photos outside!

I ALMOST cried while taking photos of the bride and groom’s first dance. Aaron and Sheri chose to dance close to Garth Brook’s country song “I Cross My Heart.”

I cross my heart/And promise to/Give all I’ve got to give/To make all your dreams come true/In all the world/You’ll never find/A love as true as mine.

The wedding was at the Hollinshead Barn, a farmstead near the main road in Bend, that operated from 1939-1983.

Nothin like a big embarassing lip smack on the cheeks from your cousin!

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