Day-After Wedding Shoot at Deepwood Estate Gardens & Bush Park Greenhouse

May 21

Take a look at some recent garden-themed wedding photographs I took for a newly-wed couple. I came to just take photos of Abigail getting ready before her short backyard wedding, since I had to leave for another wedding that day. They chose to have a dedicated photo session the day after the wedding at the beautiful Deepwood Estate Grounds & Bush Park Greenhouse. Enjoy!

Don’t you love the rings laid on a peacock feather!? I love the colors that kind of bring out some more hues in the diamond wedding ring.

When it’s raining, I always try to find some options so that we don’t get wet! The amazing thing about rainy wedding photos though is that light can shine through raindrops, creating a magical effect. Here, my speedlight off-camera flash was positioned at the edge of the tent, behind the couple. The water droplets in the air reflect out the light from the flash, creating a magical glow!

“Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby.” –Langston Hughes

These photos were taken inside the tropical greenhouse at Bush Park Museum. Greenhouses are open to the public, but noone was there! So we had a nice time sheltered from the rain in a warm environment and took some fun images. I love how the plastic or glass of a greenhouse diffuses and reflects sunlight, creating a nice even exposure and soft light on people’s faces.

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