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Jul 28

Arrowhead Acres in Uxbridge, Massachusetts

Arrowhead Acres is also a Christmas Tree Farm - located in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. 

Arrowhead Acres is also a Christmas Tree Farm – located in Uxbridge, Massachusetts.

Do you love the Blackstone Valley, and nature?

Are you a bride (or groom) looking for a woodsy, camp-like setting for your wedding, but also want a touch of classic elegance? Arrowhead Acres is a family-operated, friendly wedding venue located in a rural neighborhood, 92 Aldrich Street, in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. I think of quiet woods and pine trees. Uxbridge is about 1 hour away from Boston, and located between the towns of Douglas and Mendon.

The large property is also a Christmas Tree farm, and also home to some goats, and exotic/heritage breeds of ducks, chickens, peacocks, and other feathered friends. There are two locations at Arrowhead Acres used for weddings and events, the Rustic Barn area, and the large banquet hall down the hill. Read on if you’re curious about this venue, which is a combination of camp, farm, banquet hall, and large outdoor space.

Meet the venue owners

Dave and Vicki Morin are the owners of Arrowhead Acres. I met with them in late May to learn more about this place, and this husband and wife team! Get to know them, and you’ll find out that Dave and Vicki are both actively involved in the US Coast Guard. In fact, Dave is a charter boat captain. Interesting fact: Vicki and Dave are trained in CPR and choke training, and host the EMT/Paramedic/First Aid classes twice a year at Arrowhead Acres. I think that is pretty awesome.

Dave and Vicki Morin are the owners and main coordinators of Arrowhead Acres Dave and Vicki Morin are the owners and main coordinators of Arrowhead Acres

Rustic Barn Area at Arrowhead Acres

When you first enter, you’ll first see the wooden pavilion on the right, called the “Rustic Barn area” where you can rent just this area up top for a more laid-back, park-like or picnic-style wedding. It is like a large park pavilion, except there are already lights strung on the inside ceiling. The benches around the campfire outside, and tables inside the pavilion can actually seat 100 people. I envision a farm-to-table meal or chicken barbecue, country music and dancing under strung lanterns. At this part of Arrowhead Acres, you’ll literally experience the barnyard sights and sounds–goats, chickens, ducks, and the like!

Remember, this is a rustic venue. Staff members are always preparing the walkways, seats, benches, the variety of areas around the sites before each wedding. Most of the time, these chairs are covered by more elegant linens that can be rented from the caterer.

Because this is an outdoorsy venue, staff members use the leaf blower to clear away pine needles from the sidewalks and walkways to the ceremony areas, clean each bench, to ensure wedding guests have a perfect seat! No need to worry about getting everything ready yourself, because they’ll take care of it all. Breathe!

Private, Outdoor Chapel-in-the-Pines

Ah, I can just imagine the pine-scented air right now. If you’re having your reception in the banquet hall, then your ceremony location will likely be just outside the doors in this cool, pine area. The ceremony area feels more private, as it is tucked away behind the banquet hall. The entire ceremony area as well as the gazebo are already completely set-up with the most beautiful sounding sound-set I think I’ve ever heard. The microphone is already set up for the gazebo, and the speakers (surround sound?) are high up in the trees.

There are also lights up in the trees, so it is bright enough at nighttime for a ceremony to occur in the evening. (I myself would love to photograph a nighttime ceremony…a real pro photographer shouldn’t be afraid of the dark!)

View from under the gazebo View from under the gazebo

It’s up to you on how you wanna roll with the ceremony. In this main ceremony area, they’ve had the groom come up the center aisle on a motorcycle! Some couples have also incorporated their dogs as flowergirls (flowerdogs?) in the wedding! This is your one day of feeling famous (unless you’re already famous) so make your wedding the time of your life!

As you can see in the distance in the photo above, there’s an area beyond the trees in a clearing, for outdoor games during cocktail hour…while Mr. and Mrs. get their portraits taken by the flower beds and quaint bridge.

In the summer, the property is covered in flowers, flowering trees, and perennial flowers around the brook. The wedding venue spends time making the area look nice, so make sure your photographer includes some flowers in your wedding photos, so you remember how beautiful the area was!

Guitars, S’Mores, and Long Conversations by the Campfire

If you’re the type who loves the smoky smell, and songs and laughs with friends by a fire pit, then this spot is for you. The owners, Dave and Vicky, decided to put in a fire pit on the property after one bride had inquired about it. Now, almost every wedding, about 95% of the weddings at Arrowhead Acres, have a campfire for their guests late at night to wind down. There is no end time, but normally it is midnight, for an hour after the reception ends at 11pm. You have the option to pay by the hour if you decide to stay up later than that! However, no alcohol can be served after 1AM.

There is staff who attends the fire at all times, and a hose nearby for safety. This is one reason why I love weddings at venues, as opposed to backyard weddings…expect for a wedding venue to have these things taken care of!

Arrowhead Acres’ Formal Banquet Hall

View of the ceremony area from the banquet hall deck View of the ceremony area from the banquet hall deck

Adjacent to this main ceremony area is a large banquet hall, and its patio area which is used for cocktail hour. This formal banquet hall seats up to 500 people, and is similar to a country club venue.

You can rent elegant linens from the caterer to jazz up all your tables and chairs.  You can rent elegant linens from the caterer to jazz up all your tables and chairs.

Check out this new area for DJ’s and the uplighting around this curtain. Fabulous.

Attention D.I.Y. and Pinterest fanatics! One unique thing about this banquet hall is that the ceiling and top part of the wall is actually metal! For those who want to put up decorations to the top of the ceiling, all you need to do is add on magnetic attachments. You can use magnetic hooks, and use a pole to hook your decorations on. Genius! Vicki and Dave mentioned one Vietnamese wedding where they strung many lights and tulle around on the ceilings and walls. It absolutely looked like a different room!

Huge parking area! Huge parking area!

Don’t Wait Around to Book Your Rustic Wedding Venue!

There are about 50-70 weddings that happen at Arrowhead Acres in a year. Don’t wait around too long if you want to book this place! They already have bookings for two years from now.

Other information:

  • Saturdays and dates in the fall book up first.
  • On Fridays, there can only be one wedding.
  • 1 hour is alloted for the ceremony, and 4 hours can be alloted for the reception
  • You can come in a maximum of 2 hours prior to the wedding to set up, or at 9am if there is not wedding that day.
  • Liability insurance is not required from the bride and groom.
  • Caterers are required to be licensed, insured, and have liability insurance and workers comp.
  • Guests can leave their cars there overnight
  • takeout containers/boxes are provided for the couple to take food home

Leave below any comments or questions. Of course, you can also contact Arrowhead Acres:

Dave & Vicki Morin
Arrowhead Acres
92 Aldrich Street
Uxbridge, MA 01569

Tel: (508) 278-5017
Fax: (508) 278-3841

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