Boston Harbor Wedding | Rowe’s Wharf & Odyssey Cruise Ship | Sara & Jeff’s Love from Oregon to Boston!

Nov 5

Some of you may know that I used to live in Oregon, but I grew up in Connecticut/Massachusetts. It was the most amazing thing to actually photograph my first East Coast wedding in Boston THREE DAYS after my cross-country trip from Oregon. Even more amazing is that the lovely couple Sara and Jeff met eachother at chiropractor’s school in Portland, Oregon! Now they live in and own a chiropractor’s office in Nova Scotia, Canada.

My favorite moments when photographing couples are when they just relax, goof off, and enjoy eachother’s presence in front of the camera. Jeff and Sara were a natural!

Sara’s lacey dress was so elegant with the lace and sash! The dress is a Galina dress from David’s Bridal.

Jeff’s cufflinks were made out of old bus/trolley tokens of Portland, Oregon’s Rose City Transit. It was the largest bus system in Portland that operated from 1956 to 1969. Rose City Transit was replaced by the Tri-Met system. Which I’ve been on dozens of time to get to the airport on my trips to/from the Boston airport. I don’t think I will ever see cufflinks as cool as these!Sara and Jeff’s ceremony was at Foster’s Pavilion Rowe’s Wharf at Boston Harbor. It’s a nice, simple little building that really can hold a lot of people, although it doesn’t seem like it. Foster’s Pavilion is the perfect spot for a little ceremony before debarking on the party boat!

Oregon mementos placed around the tables were so meaningful to me! The Made in Oregon sign is the logo for the Made In Oregon stores, which I love, because everything there is, well you know, made in Oregon! I couldn’t believe Jeff got the sign…it is perfect for this couple! Thinking maybe I’ll get one for my wedding, too, because it’s cute, and I met my fiance in Oregon too. Hehe.

I’ve wanted to go to Portland City Grill, but never have! Each of the tables at Sara and Jeff’s wedding had a photo displayed of someplace they have spent time together in Oregon.

Haystack rock, what a welcoming sight! I still cannot get over how much of a blessing and comfort it was to me to see all these familiar things, after leaving a state that I love dearly!

I love this couple! Even though I spent time with them in just one day, they are very friendly and warm. Sara is so personable, and Jeff is really loveable! Sara’s nieces and nephews love Sara and Jeff, it was so sweet so see their family love. 🙂

Rowe's Wharf Wedding Photo by Trailing Twine Photography Rowe’s Wharf Wedding Photo by Trailing Twine Photography

A wedding isn’t complete without photographing the cute shoes! So pretty but you wanna take off because your feet hurt! LOL 😀

Love at Rowe’s Wharf in Boston, Massachusetts.

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