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Jan 2

Sam & Joey’s Winter Wedding Blooms in Beauty

It’s January 1, 2017, and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing Samantha and Joey’s ballroom wedding last night was. My New Year’s Eve was spent with this neat bunch of folks at the VIP Country Club in New Rochelle, NY.

It was almost to the end of Sam and Joey's song, It was almost to the end of Sam and Joey’s song, “Me and You” by Kenny Chesney, when the DJ invited everybody to join them on the dance floor in this song.

Apart from a night abundant with emotion and great times spent by friends and family to celebrate marriage (which is the most important!), wedding decor can impact the ambiance of a party. Whatever you place around tables, displays, will convey the look and “feel” of photographs. Sam and Joey wanted to make their indoor winter wedding fun, glamorous, but with a natural or “rustic” feel. The entire ceremony and reception room was filled with abundant branches of small white flowers, which added great soft texture and feel for photographing people in this background. You can use twigs of plum blossoms, orchid flowers, baby breath, curly willow, or even ornamental grass to make a ballroom feel more natural and outdoorsy.

I’d love to show a ton of photos of their wedding details, but here in this blog post I just want to show you what people candids can look like. (Sidenote: if you have a second photographer, there’s a lot more opportunity for different angles and creative shots. Can’t wait to show you what Jamie and I both captured, but I just pulled these sneak peeks from my own images as primary photographer.)

You can have some christmas lights to add a glamorous touch in the background. From having photographed weddings with minimal, simple decorations, I have learned that if I shoot through, near, or at the decor piece, I can create wedding photographs that make it seem like the room was filled with lots of decor or glam! It all depends on the photographers angle of shooting and camera settings. I was so happy to discover so many options for creative imagery at Sam and Joey’s wedding!!!!!

Floral decor was provided by Arcadia Floral Company of Westchester, New York. They have an amazing photo gallery of their work which you can check out here.

When I poked around in the back of the venue on the wedding night, I discovered these awesome cafe lights strung over the back patio below the terrace, which I weren’t there before when I scoped out the venue weeks prior! When Joey and Sam meandered outside to hang out on the terrace for fresh air, we went down here for a quick moment. All of a sudden, it started to sprinkle rain! Which created this sparkle effect in this portrait. Those cafe lights are awesome.

I hope you enjoyed these sweet moments in pictures at Sam and Joey’s winter wedding! Feel free to share on Pinterest, etc! If you are planning a wedding and have any questions or need any input on wedding decor from a photographer’s perspective, you can call or text me at 541-787-5464. You can also email me at Happy New Year!

Congrats to Sam and Joey for getting married! Can't wait to see the videography footage by the amazing Shaun of Filmwell Studio! (Can you find him in this shot?) Congrats to Sam and Joey for getting married! Can’t wait to see the videography footage by the amazing Shaun of Filmwell Studio! (Can you find him in this shot?)

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