Business Tools of a Connecticut Wedding Photographer

My Favorite Business Tools

Hey guys! Here are the links to some of my favorite business tools that have been the success of Trailing Twine Photography! These are referral links, and if you subscribe through my links then I get goodies or perks! (I don’t remember what I get, but I know it’s good!) I’ll be updating this from time to time.

Social Media & Blog scheduling: Coschedule 

I love Coschedule because it integrates with my WordPress blog, so I can analyze the effectiveness of my blog titles (Headline analyzer) and then schedule social media posts through it. Even though I cannot see my schedule Instagram layout, I still love Coschedule because it saves time and hassle by automatically pulling the images right from the blog post as soon as I paste the webpage/blog link, so I don’t have to upload photos from my computer all the time. I love sharing images through my website or blog. I also love the analytics too, and I can use multiple social media platforms through Coschedule.

Business & Personal Life Planning, Goal-setting: Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner 

Man, this beats all of the daily planners and schedules out there. Sure, google calendar is nice, but you can’t see the big picture or set goals in Google Calendar the way Michael Hyatt approaches it. You MUST watch the video tutorials though so that you can fully understand and utilize each component of the Full Focus Planner. Get 15% off now when you use my referral link:

Client Management System: Sprout Studio

Get 5% off of an annual plan. This is truly an all-in-one system. I used to use other platforms, but I find it’s easier and better if everything is under one roof: online galleries, album design proofs, questionnaires, client contact info, invoices, contracts, booking proposals, workflows so I don’t miss a beat.




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