4 Reasons to do a Wedding “First Look”

May 6

Don’t read this if you have made up your mind to see your groom for the first time in your ceremony! If you aren’t sure about this tradition, the rest of this blog post will explain why a first look would be a romantic addition to your wedding day celebration.

Please note that if you decide to NOT do a first look, that’s OK and great, too! However, I do want to share the benefits of a first look and the reasons couples do it and LOVE it.

first look in small garden in front of Lounsbury House in Ridgefield, CT

1. Sometimes, there can be more reaction to photograph in a First Look

It’s easy to get caught up in how it is not traditional, or “bad luck” to see your groom before the wedding. Some brides love “traditions” but what a bride REALLY wants when it comes to her groom seeing her for the first time is a REACTION. If you want a reaction of the groom seeing the bride photographed well, in a more intimate setting without hundreds of people staring at the groom, then a First Look is for you.

 groom's first look at his bride, wearing a BHDLN dress at Bunnell Farm wedding venue in MA

Mansion at bald Hill bride and grooom first look wedding photos

2. The First Look opens the opportunity to truly be yourselves before the ceremony

What I have found is that there is more time and freedom in a First Look reaction as opposed to during the ceremony! There is definitely more opportunity to “be you” in the moment when you see other for the first time before the ceremony. 

bride and groom first look in courtyard at Heritage Hotel in Southbury, CT

If you wanted an opportunity to get wedding photos with your favorite furry friend, a First Look can work out really well. For Brynne and Don’s first look at the Clark Chapel, they had a family member bring their dog for a few minutes of photos!

3. More time for creative couples’ portraits!

A few minutes after the First Look, you would then remember that I’m in the corner under the willow tree or something and then turn to look at me! That’s how we move into casual, natural portraits.  Typically, no one is around in this spot, but we just get into the groove with some fun photos before the we do formal photos with your wedding party and/or family. The First Look is a great opportunity to just “be you” as you see eachother all dolled up for the first time! 

I usually stay close to the ground for couples’ portraits, but when I do a first look sometimes I can shoot from another spot higher up or in a more unique location.

4. More Opportunity for Portraits in case it rains

I love putting a First Look in wedding day timelines just for assurance that there will be another opportunity for your portraits in case it rains, especially if you have a spring or fall wedding! When I have a first look scheduled, I can get more portraits done earlier in case it is raining later on in the wedding day. More opportunities, the better! It’s also nice to get photos done earlier when your makeup and hair is nice and fresh!

If you’re still not sure about whether to do a first look for your wedding or not, I’d be happy to provide some advice or guidance, just email me at ling@trailingtwine.com with any of your questions!




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