Dear Wedding Guest…and your phone.

Aug 23

Dear Wedding Guest, 
I hope you got all the great shots that you need for your Facebook post. I hope you’re photos are nice, clean photos without anyone’s cell phone or iPad in the shot. Wouldn’t it be great if that person 3 rows in front of you didn’t have had their phone sticking out in front of you, so that you can get your precious ceremony photo of the bride coming down the aisle. Wait, just one precious ceremony photo, but maybe 30 images. I hope the images have great exposure and lighting settings, and that you won’t have to do any editing. 
Let’s hope that the photographer knows how to be creative during ceremony and reception photos so that they can photograph moments at certain angles to avoid guests’ mobile devices sticking out. Even better, let’s hope that the photographer has a lot of free time after the wedding and is really skilled at Photoshop, let’s hope that the photographer can spend a lot of time photoshopping out all the mobile devices that stick out. 
Even better, at the next wedding, could you please keep in mind that the reason why the bride and groom hired a photographer is to photograph these moments. If you don’t think you’ll get to see any photos, maybe you could make friends with the photographer or ask them about seeing an online gallery, where you could order really amazing, awesome photos for you to keep and share! 
A Wedding Photographer 

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