Idaho Landscape Photography by a CT Wedding Photographer

Aug 8

I have so many images to blog, including a bunch of shots from Liz and Brett’s wedding on the ranch in Nampa, Idaho!

At the end of July, we flew out to Idaho to photograph an amazing wedding, and then drove to Stanley, Idaho to relax in cool mountain country. Played in the hot springs, kayaked the Redfish Lake, waded in the crystal clear river watching baby trout swim by, can it be any better?

This is the area of the United States where they say it’s the “Dark Sky Reserve” meaning there are no city lights that affect your stargazing. All is crystal clear. So of course I wanted to do some night photography, but we had a great dinner, were really tired, so we went to bed early because I decided that sunrise was more exciting than star pictures. We woke up at 5am to see the sunrise over these Sawtooth Mountains. Sorry y’all for not getting any nightsky pics!

Barely any coffee, and freezing cold in this high desert, we stood around at this “city park” which is this place that just looks like a ranch. Here you can see the sun rays touching the mountain peaks. They’re so jagged, I told my husband that they look like my puppy’s teeth (can you tell I missed him so much on our trip?!?).

I’m really no professional landscape photographer, so I felt really weird shooting with my camera on a tripod, and trying to compose my shot with no people. It’s not as exciting as photographing people, but there’s something grand about photographing a sunrise (or sunset) in an area that amazes you, and watching this quiet world awake ever so gently. In the distance, Neil spotted a pair of elk through the binoculars. I could barely see them, so just imagine some elk way off in the distance here in this photo…

So many of my friends in Connecticut haven’t really ever been around elk, so here are a couple of photos that I took with my long lens! It was a little back road in Stanley, Idaho and I took these photos of these female elk from my car. (why get out when you can sit, and have the perfect view?)

Some drone footage of the Sawtooth mountains, sunset! We’re no professional drone photographers yet, but it was fun just playing around with our Mavic Air and seeing what video and photos we can get, playing with all the camera settings.

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