Discovering Treasures: Vintage Fair in Sublimity, Oregon

Aug 28

Molly Mo's Molly Mo’s

On the morning of Saturday, August 17th, I drove down countryside roads near Turner to investigate an antique/vintage fair put on by Molly Mo’s of Sublimity, Oregon. I have never been to a fair quite like this, so I grabbed my camera and immediately fell in love with the displays welcoming me into the world of vintage! You can visit Molly Mo’s events in the neighborhood of 440 Cherry St. in Sublimity, Oregon. Check out her website for events and specials at

For those of you who know me, I am a dairy farm girl and I LOVE house decorations that are farm-related. You know, OLD, used, rustic. Old milk bottles, cream cans, mason jars. The vendors at fairs like these specialize in turning OLD into NEW, unwanted to wanted, rubbish into riches! I love seeing antique farm paraphernalia that no longer has a place in our modern technology, that are being valued by people who appreciate the old-fashioned simplicities. Of course, this corner at Molly Mo’s of an old feed bin and metal box with spray painted “Forward Dairy” definitely caught my eye as I was chatting with Diane who runs Molly Mo’s.

sheet music as decorations sheet music as decorations

When I first walked into the faire my eyes were immediately drawn to the display, by Randy of Madison Park Antiques (360) 281-8890. The old pages of sheet music clipped onto branches of a tree were waving at me! Kind of a neat idea for outdoor decorating. You can use clothespins, or buy those little metal clips at the craft store, too.

And then there were these old antique glass flasks, also sold by Madison Park Antiques, that could serve as really cool centerpieces for a wedding or a party. Stick some lilacs in ‘em, and there ya go!

old glass flasks old glass flasks

Joy Bayer of Auntie’s had an old white shelf with mason jars, white dishes, jewelry, and signs saying “Farm Fresh” and “Groceries”. Auntie’s also had a LOT of those leather bracelets. Finding Joy!

painted white shelf for display painted white shelf for display

Vintage Trifles showed their mason jars in an old canning jar lifter.

Jar lifters would be perfect to keep mason jars together with bridesmaids' flowers Jar lifters would be perfect to keep mason jars together with bridesmaids’ flowers

Sammy Girl had these little ornaments—they could be magnets, pins, or things that just stick to walls, picnic baskets, boxes…

DIY pins out of old sheet music DIY pins out of old sheet music

A moment into the past! Here a chain of old slides hangs above the tent of collections by Valentine Creek Farm of Stayton, OR. I’m curious how these were made–so I might contact them soon! ( It’s a fantastic way of displaying old memories that otherwise would be collecting dust. I think I’m going to do this at my (far future) wedding!

old slides to display old memories. :) old slides to display old memories. 🙂

Older mason jars have some nice color to them. They can be expensive, but at the right place and time you can get a great deal on them! (I collect them myself…I would say $8 is a lil’ tempting!) These ones are sold by Lisa M.M. Hand of Wind Horse Antiques in Aurora, OR. They also had this cute cowboy collection 🙂

colored mason jars colored mason jars

Michelle Felton of Quintessentials in Salem ( made these adorable paper things to hold dried flowers. My thinking is, if you have scrapbook paper, be creative! I love “Living the Sweet Life”. And…do you spy the word “coffee”….my obsession next to photography. Now to photo below…have your little paper holders, and now you just gotta stick in these cutesy dried flowers (I found inside Molly Mo’s).

handmade paper holders for dried flowers handmade paper holders for dried flowers

Wowsees! I couldn’t believe me eyes! Rusty Rabbit’s tent had Antique COW id tags! With someone like me with a farming background, it was neat to see metal livestock tags made into something else! I don’t think I would wear one as a necklace…but for the right person and dress style, they would look super rad and snazz-zzay! Thank you Rusty Rabbit for such a big, farmy display at this fair. If you’re interested in these necklaces, you can contact owner Guinnevere Muir at or call 503.881.4362.

Last but not least, I am not a Ducks nor Beavers fan, but I had to throw in this last pic of an old oil can put together by Rusty Rabbit. I must say that as a little girl, I was always inspired by my mama’s creativity. If it wasn’t for her, I doubt I’d have an interest in this old cute stuff! We both like antique watering cans with cool plants! 🙂 Thank you and love you, Mama!  ~Ling Li

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