Rustic Wedding Stylized Shoot

Jun 5

In February, I coordinated a stylized shoot with different wedding vendors of Oregon. This was an awesome opportunity to get to see “behind-the-scenes” all the hard work that a florist, make up artist, hairdresser, and venue owner puts in to help make a flawless day for a bride and groom.
Photographers: my friend Heather Carlile Photography of Keizer, Oregon and Trailing Twine Photography (I’m now in Connecticut!)

Venue: Log House Garden at Willow Lake in Keizer, Oregon

Flowers and styling: Joanna and Taylor of Good Seed Floral Design of Eugene, Oregon

Decorative items: Simply Elegant Wedding and Event Rentals of Eugene, Oregon

Hair Stylist: Abigail Cervantes of Hare Cottage in Salem, Oregon

Make-Up Artist/Cosmetologist: Becky Brunelle of Portland, Oregon

Real Couple Models: Svet and Aleks

Here at Loghouse gardens, there are a couple small cabins where the bride and groom can get ready in separate place. This is at the entrance of the one of the cabins. The bride’s dressing room is simple, kind of Victorian-like, and with big mirrors.

Here is Becky Brunelle, from Portland, Oregon, carefully applying make-up. It is an ART to apply makeup that will naturally accentuate facial features to last for hours. It’s almost like make-up artists are like painters!

The make-up artist’s goal is to help their client show off the natural beauty in their skin and facial features. Every color, tone, and shadow can show up in especially close-up portraits. It is basically a great way to help the photographer provide the best natural photos as possible to the bride and groom.

So beautiful! Getting ready for a rustic wedding photo shoot.

Abigail Cervantes, an AMAZING hair stylist at Hare Cottage in Salem, Oregon did Svet’s hair.

After hair and make up was done, Joanna and Taylor brought over a crown of flowers! It was so beautiful and delicate, and held up very well.

This was so fun! Here is a dinner table set up under the greenhouse/tent-like structure at Loghouse Gardens. The set up was done beautifully by Good Seed Floral Design, with items from Emily Flood of Simply Elegant Wedding and Event Rentals. Here’s Joanna and Taylor, who worked together with me on making this stylized shoot happen!

Joanna and Taylor describe their style as more organic and eclectic.

“We really like texture and depth, are both really important and shape. I feel like your natural go-to is like wildflower, like what you would find in nature. A lot of traditional bouquets are the rounded bouquets, but if you add a couple greens, or even a succulent, artichoke, or feather, something that gives you shape and movement, it really changes the whole aesthetic of the bouquet, arrangement, and wedding.”


Good Seed Floral uses almost all local flowers because they like to support local flower farms in Willamette Valley communities. They prefer to actually go to the farms that will provide the best deal so that the bride will get the best deal on her flowers.

Okay, well maybe not a cake vendor (couldn’t find anyone). So what **I** did, Ling Li Babcock the photographer (so proud of myself!) bought a white cake from a grocery store and painstakingly put Bob’s Red Mill Large organic coconut flakes all over the cake. How do people do that anyway? Roll the cake in coconut? Let me just say this wasn’t easy. The girls from Good Seed Floral made it look all pretty by arranging flowers on the top.

We did this stylized shoot they day before my birthday. This was my birthday cake! The flowers still looked beautiful several days later! I don’t know how they stayed alive, but it must be all the sweetness 🙂 I love the anemones adding contrast. This is art!

I think the reason why my cake flowers lasted so long was because Good Seed Floral Design tries to get flowers as fresh as possible—meaning, hand picked the day before! They have a few connections with some U-Pick farms and local floral distributors.

When I was shooting these images at Loghouse, I just really had a refreshing sense of something new, green, and exciting! It is incredible how much difference flowers make in attributing to the ambience of a wedding or party.

Loghouse Gardens in Keizer, Oregon is such a cute hidden gem of the town. Beyond these french doors are a wedding prepping area with sinks. It makes it very convenient for wedding stylists and florists to arrange flowers at the venue. It opens up to a huge outdoorsy area where couples can have their big reception party.

There is plenty of space at Loghouse Gardens for florists to get creative in arranging centerpieces!

“It’s really important for us to represent the personality of the bride and groom. We like to meet with at least the bride so we can get a feel for what she likes. We pick the flowers on purpose based on what their personalities are like, what colors she likes. We are really going to understand what they like, their style, and make something beautiful that incorporates that.” –Taylor from Good Seed Floral Design

You can use simple plants in your backyard to accent your wedding.

Cute vintage items from Simply Elegant Event Rentals in Eugene, Oregon!

You can serve coffee or tea, or have a guestbook table, at this cool ginormous log (ONLY at Loghouse Gardens!). The vintage items, such as the clock and pitcher, for decoration are from Simply Elegant.

You would never know that there was a cute wedding venue tucked away at the edge of Keizer, Oregon. Loghouse Gardens has a an amazing hazelnut orchard that is so fun for wedding photos! The Blakes are a 4th generation farming family that enjoys sharing 4 acres of their landscaped property for large events such as weddings. Not only is there the hazelnut orchard, but this place is loaded with neatly trimmed bushes, and gardens of flowers, perennial and annual.

Here is the lovely couple, Lanora and John Blake, that own Log House Gardens at Willow Lake. The venue is located at 5655 Windsor Island Road N. Keizer, Oregon 97303. A great venue to work with! Thank you Lanora and John for having us use your site. If you are a bride looking for a venue in the Willamette Valley, the best way to reach them is via email at 🙂

John and Lanora Blake of Log House Gardens at Willow Lake

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