New Hampshire Mountaintop Wedding | Melissa & Joe

Aug 23

New Hampshire wedding photography, here I come!

I first met Melissa and Joe at a bridal expo, and they told me about how they envisioned a wedding in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. They later booked Purity Springs Resort, vacation destination for those who love fishing, playing in the water, and hiking on mountains.

Speaking of fishing…when I first arrived at the venue, I ran into the groom, Joe and his friend Matthew, on their way to go fishing. I wish I had my camera on me, but it was great to see Joe wearing the straw cowboy hat, and just chilling out before the wedding. If you look closely at Joe’s shirt cuff at the next image below, you can see his cufflinks which are fishing reels. That’s great! lol. I love little touches like these, and we all were amazed at the wedding band that Joe picked out for himself, it’s made of dinosaur teeth?!?! Dinosaur bones? Who would have thunk.

Of course I checked my Dark Sky app a million times before the wedding to see if we might be able to still have the ceremony on the mountain, which Melissa and Joe dreamed of.

So glad that Melissa and Joe got to see eachother before the wedding, for a “first look.” This was done at a different spot on the resort property, by the pond.

first look at Purity Springs Resort NH

The rain stopped in the morning, and it was a perfect day. We were blessed with some diffused sunshine & clouds at their noon ceremony, so we didn’t have a lot of harsh light (which causes crazy shadows on faces).

Then, later on after the ceremony, as we were about to leave the mountaintop, we were greeted by a breeze and stopped to do some “veil blowing in the wind” photos! Of course the wind come and goes, but the sky was looking pretty neat and we also did some shots where I had my assistant toss up the veil in the air. Fun stuff!

Melissa and Joe had a simple wedding, and here are some photos from the reception. Seriously we’ve got so many candids but here are some slow dancing photos.

The wedding did not end in the night time, but we had some moments later on during the reception to step out and do some wide angle photos, which I knew Melissa and Joe LOVED, based on our image review from the engagement session. I have to be honest, I had some fun with these shots in Photoshop. If you know me well, you know I hate Photoshop. BUT…when I have a vision to a photo, sometimes it takes some digital artistry to create the image that you initially had in mind. The skies were really gray at this time, but some touches on the clouds created a pink effect that is just perfect to me. Can’t wait to finish off these images and show off some more love <3

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