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Mar 12

Candids at a Whispering Pines Reception!

Once the wedding reception begins, photographers like me are like a fly on the wall. People forget we even exist! Which is perfect because it allows me to capture raw, candid moments as they happen. My favorite is capturing reception candids from edges of the dance floor with my 85mm lens.

First dance time!

I’m always looking for creative places to shoot through. I took this shot through the glass of one of the patio heat lamps. What a cool effect of the light burst through the glass, and the darker vignette!

The indoor dining area is just surrounded by large windows, so that it almost feels like you’re outside. You can still enjoy the view of nature from inside!

Food lovers, beware! The plate was so good. Just looking at this pic makes me hungry again. This food at Whispering Pines Conference Center was delish!!!!

The cake cutting for this wedding was located outside on the patio. It was such a beautiful evening by the lake…and I did not see one mosquito…!

I’m really picky about my images and what I like! In this shot–I love how I captured the expression on the bride’s face at the end of the father-daughter dance. This was a pure candid moment that shows so much emotion!

I love this shot of the groom with his aunt because this is when I learned that Nick’s first date he ever had when he was a lot younger was with his aunt! You gotta love those special people who have invested in our lives in such a way! Love these folks, they make photos so meaningful!

The DJ company was fantastic! Check out Music Express – they are based in Rhode Island have been DJs at Whispering Pines Conference Center for years and years.

One awesome thing about having your wedding at Whispering Pines Conference Center is that you can have a total night out at the campfire with s’mores. I don’t know about you, but when I want to get off of my feet after a wedding, I’d love to just sit by a campfire and chillax!

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