snuggling together at Wickham Park in Manchester, CT

Manchester, CT Garden Wedding Venue: Wickham Park

Jul 21

Manchester, CT Garden Wedding & Engagement Venue | Wickham Park | Amy & Rex

I’m so excited to share with you my favorites from Amy & Rex’s engagement session at Wickham Park, with their dogs Lola and Marly! Tomorrow, I will be photographing Amy & Rex’s wedding day at the gorgeous Jonathan Edwards Winery. Be sure to check my blog next week for sneak peek images of their wedding!

Why Wickham Park as the engagement session location?

After my wedding clients book, they answer a questionnaire about their “ideal” engagement session. In this questionnaire, Amy and Rex selected from the list that they would like a wildflower meadow, willow trees, or forest, as a setting for their shoot. Amy also liked flowers and color. Wickham Park in Manchester, CT was not the idea originally. As I also took into consideration where they live, and what areas they’re up for traveling to, I first looked into Mountain Laurel Sanctuary in Union, CT. It’s an amazing spot, where a dirt road traverses through canopies of light pink Mountain Laurel bushes. But when my husband and I drove out to the sanctuary, we discovered that the bushes and paths were CRAWLING with gypsy moth caterpillars! GROSS. So I went home and researched online and found Wickham Park in Manchester. It is a HUGE park, with different styles of gardens, and a canopy of hemlock trees on a hill overlooking Hartford.

Photos from the Wetlands Garden at Wickham Park

In the Wetlands Garden, there is a wooden boardwalk that weaves through cattails and a marsh. I love this black and white photo of Rex and Amy!

Rex cracks me up, and I'm so happy for Amy to be blessed to marry a guy with so much humor! Rex coined the term Rex cracks me up, and I’m so happy for Amy to be blessed to marry a guy with so much humor! Rex coined the term “kwalking” for type of pose, which means kissing and walking at the same time. LOL

English and Scottish Gardens at Wickham Park

We hopped in our cars to explore the other gardens at this park. English, Irish, and Scottish Gardens are adjacent to each other. This is where you get tons of color from all the different flowers here.

We had fun trying to get the dogs to pose, and also do some crazy amazing photos of the engagement ring! I typically don’t take ring shots like this, but literally a bumblebee landed right here in front of my lens! Amy thought it would be neat for the bumblebee to be in this pic, and I love it too!

I loved listening to Rex’s story of how he proposed to Amy, and this how I got these “candid” shots. They got engaged at Macedonia State Park in Kent, CT, at sunset on top of the cliff. I wish I would have been there to capture that in photos!

Willow Tree Engagement Photos

If you drive past Lot D at Wickham Park, and drive past the tennis courts and volleyball courts, there are some willow trees across from the softball field. We parked up at Lot E and walked down to the willow trees. It was great just to hang out with Amy and Rex and their pups as we walked and talked. Here are some of my favorite shots!

The Meadow

There’s a path through some tall grasses near Lot E, that is actually the disc golf area. We took a few moments here to reflect on some of the most important people in our lives that have helped shape our relationships. I love infusing stories into a “pose” at a cool location.

Relaxing with Champagne at Sunset

There’s nothing better than to just BE with the one you love, and your favorite fur babies in the entire world! They brought some champagne and relaxed on a blanket, watching the sunset over Hartford. I love this spot at Wickham Park, because you can shoot at different angles to show different backgrounds.

It’s a good life!

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