After Wedding Session at Loon Mountain, NH

Lincoln, NH Wedding Venue: Loon Mountain Resort

Jun 11

What is an After-Wedding Photography Session?

What is an “After-Wedding” photography session? It’s a separate photo session of the newlyweds, in wedding attire, done at ANY time after the wedding. It can be the day after the wedding, or a week to even years after the wedding! One photographer, Shalyn Nelson, did a session for this couple DECADES after their wedding as a way to celebrate their anniversary!

How is an After Wedding Session “refreshing”?

My top reason of why After Wedding Photo Sessions are awesome, is that it is a time where you and the love of your life can get together, reflect on your journey, and get this amazing time photographed. Others call it “therapeutic” or “refreshing” because it’s an uplifting time of reflection and encouragement to each other. Who is the most important person in your life? Is it your husband or wife? At the end of the day, don’t forget who that person is, how beautiful they are (inside and out), and why you married them.

Other Reasons for an After Wedding Shoot!

I love the experience of a longer portrait session, because it’s fun, relaxed, and a longer time than your typical portraits done on a wedding day. You’ll get more of a variety of photos to choose from to display on your walls! Or, if your wedding day was cold, wet, rainy…that’s a great reason also to book your After Wedding Session! If you’re a current client and your wedding is happening 2017 or after, I now provide a complementary After Wedding Session, to any of my couples who had a super rainy wedding day that was so cold and rainy that we did not get the portraits we wanted!

Wedding Photos at the Place Where You First Met!

An After Wedding Session is also great way to get photos done at a location that is meaningful to your marriage. It is so neat to be standing in a place that has meaning, whether it be a place from your childhood, your wedding venue, the place where you first got engaged, or where you first met.

For Jen and Brad, we chose the slopes of Loon Mountain because this is exactly the place where they first met, skiing/snowboarding with friends. Plus, Jen and I both love epic amazing photos with mountains in the background, so this location fit perfectly! This was such an incredible afternoon in New Hampshire. It was so funny also because so many visitors at Loon Mountain kept saying “Congratulations!!!” to Jen and Brad because of course they thought they literally just got married. Once you put on that wedding attire, you feel like a special couple all over again!

What bride hikes down a mountain in a wedding dress?

Here are a TON of photos where you can see how much of a variety of pics we got…However this is NOT everything! There was so much during this amazing afternoon with Jen and Brad. When we got done photographing on top of Loon Mountain, Jen we wanted to hike down the mountain and asked us if we were up for it!!! So we did!!! Luckily, Jen wore flats kind of like ballet slippers that you couldn’t see under the dress. Our shoes got wet but it was totally worth it on this gorgeous day, where we ended the afternoon on the riverbed, with the view of the White Mountains looming in the distance. Scroll towards the end of this post to view photos by the river!

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  1. Jennifer Reid says:

    So Amazing Ling!!!! You are such an amazing photographer and wonderful person to work with!
    The after wedding shoot was the best way to capture some great photos with a little less of the wedding day stress and take our time!

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