engagement session by a tractor at Bliss Farm

Granville, MA Barn Wedding Venue: Bliss Farm

Jul 18

A Rural Setting in Massachusetts for Engagement Sessions

Ok, so my computer is bursting at the seams with hundreds of amazing images to share with the world from various engagement sessions from this season! I’ve got a bunch of incredible, fun engagement sessions to blog about, but I am DYING to share this set of my favorite images from Becky and Jon’s shoot at Bliss Farm! The reason why I wanted to blog this is to show you what golden hour photos at a farm looks like (in my eyes!)!

What is the “Golden Hour”?

My dear husband calls it the “glory hour”! He likes to pretend that he knows stuff about photography, even though he doesn’t know the correct terminology, and it cracks me up! But he is right…the golden hour is indeed “glorious.” It is the hour right after sunrise, or the hour before sunset. It becomes the golden hour especially when there isn’t thick cloud cover. The golden sun rays lay low, and pierce through the clouds, trees, grass, and offers us a beautiful glow. I love how the golden sunlight just rakes across the landscape at Bliss Farm.

The Party Barn at Bliss Farm…sweet for weddings!

Bliss Farm used to be an old dairy farm, and the barn has been remodeled and officially approved to hold special events such as weddings. A couple months ago, I interviewed Katie, the wedding coordinator and Shawn’s partner in wedding events. I learned a lot about what this venue offers for brides and grooms. Sometimes it seems like every barn venue looks the same, but in reality they are all unique and different. If you are looking at wedding venues that have a barn, it is helpful to compare features and think about what is important to you. I can’t wait to get this blog article about Bliss Farm into my collection of articles!

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