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Aug 4

Nikki & Colin’s Engagement Session

This Saturday is Nicole and Colin’s wedding at the Worcester Art Museum in Worcester, MA. They found me through a mutual friend, and also from another client too, Kellie and Matt! It’s a small world sometimes. I can’t wait to see how Nikki and Colin rock out in their fun style, like converse shoes, and peacock pizazz. I know that it’s going to be awesome, because I got to learn so much about Nicole and Colin’s personalities in their engagement shoot, and when I “test” out certain instructions for “poses” or “looks”, I know what will work awesome on the wedding day when they’re all dolled up!

Engagement Session Location: Quincy Quarries

When I first met Nikki and Colin, they told me that they love abstract paintings by Andy Warhol, and lots of color! As we were thinking of locations for shoots, Nikki suggested a place with a lot of “abstract” graffiti. Did you know that when you shoot with certain camera settings, that graffiti or the background can look abstract? I had fun playing around with different settings and getting these variety of shots.

At first I thought graffiti alley in Boston would work as a great place for abstract graffiti, but being 4th of July weekend, we figured traffic may be crazy. So after googling and looking at other photography online, I found Quincy Quarries Reservation. Wow, what a place!!!!! It is literally covered in color.

The Trick to Graffiti Engagement Sessions

Engagement sessions at places covered in graffiti are great, as long as there’s not a lot of profanity! Which is almost impossible. So as a photographer, you should shoot at different angles to avoid any crazy symbols, keeping your eye on the couple and the surroundings even closer.

I love this shot of Colin leading Nikki up the hill, as the sun was PERFECT through these trees. However, if you notice this rock on the right that says “Trust”. Well actually it said “TRASH”!!! So I just photoshopped or “erased” the top part of the “a” and part of the “h” to make it say “trust”! I love the word “trust” as it is such a key thing for marriage success and navigating this crazy world together! It was really encouraging to hear Nikki and Colin’s story of how they have chosen to live their lives as well 😉

Escape the city to a colorful Rock Climbing place!

Quincy Quarries Reservation is so huge, and is a rock climber’s haven that’s close to the city of Boston. In fact, you can see Boston from the top of the cliffs.

Nicole and Colin, I can’t wait to photograph your wedding, AND your After-Wedding Session, very very very soon! Keep your eye out for sneak peek photos of their Worcester Art Museum wedding.

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